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 The truth about ’48, ’67, and the situation now.  It’s inevitable at this point. 


Gaza Bombings

Once again the Gaza Strip is being bombed by Israel.  This time it is in response to an attack that has not been confirmed to have originated in Gaza.  It seems Gaza is just an easy target, a reactionary response.  Rockets have been firing out of Gaza too as another reactionary response.  With conflicting and sometimes purposely ommitting reports from mainstream media its always hard to discern the reality, but once more it’s also a case of truth in advertising.  Something about the attacks on Gaza do not add up and its obvious to anyone who has the time to look into it. explains it:

Egypt, where the militants had actually crossed into Israel from, has also been hit. Three (I have also heard four) Egyptian police officers on the border of the Sinai Peninsula and Israel have been killed in a bombing by Israel. Israel, in an uncharacteristic move, has apologized to Egypt for the deaths.

There have been harsh words on both sides, but Israel’s apology makes it seem unlikely that Israel’s looking to expand its conflict to Egypt at this point.  Gaza, in the meantime, is still being bombed.  No apologies there.  Speaking of which, Turkey is still looking for an apology for last summer’s massacre on the flotilla.  Here is posted below my interview from last summer (2010) with Norman Finkelstein on the situation with Israel in regard to the rest of the Middle-East.  This interview was done before the Arab Spring, so keep an ear out for the differences in global arrangements and discourse.  Also notice his mention of Israel’s credibility as the big player in the region and that Israel may be looking for an example to prove its up to snuff to the Arab world.  Could this new Gaza campaign be that example?